OTC Volume of Bitcoin is Rising: Are Institutions Buying?

While over-the-counter (OTC) and dark pool trading is a lesser-known branch of the crypto tree, this subsector has quickly become a hot topic for institutions with a growing penchant for Bitcoin. Recent data from a leading crypto-centric OTC desk has only corroborated this fact, making it apparent that capital enters cryptocurrencies via mediums other than spot exchanges.Crypto OTC Offerings Boom Amid Bitcoin PlungeGenesis Trading, one service provider arm of the Digital Currency Group conglomerate, recently released a year-end report to its clientele via email. Per up-and-coming news outlet The Block, which gained access to the message, Genesis, headed by Michael Moro, a former vice president at NASDAQ Private Market (SecondMarket), claimed that its OTC offering saw “tremendous growth” during yesteryear.Related Reading: Big Institutional Investors are Buying Large Amounts of Bitcoin in OTC MarketThe email purportedly claimed that throughout 2018, Genesis posted a 50% year-over-year increase in OTC volumes. No specific…

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