Opera Browser Adds TRON to its Native Crypto Wallet

TRON founder Justin Sun has been in the news recently through a number of events. Most famously, perhaps, the recent Tesla giveaway debacle raised the ire of the cryptocurrency community and may well have backfired against its original intention.However, the famous founder has also encountered a host of positive news bites regarding his blockchain platform TRON. Most recently, the company announced a partnership with Opera, the streamlined web browser of choice in much of Asia.Opera singsThe connection with Opera is a major boon for TRON. Already boasting a stunning 300 million users, Opera is a fast-rising browser alternative to the less secure and less private Chrome or Safari. Further, their platform is dedicated to making Web 3 more user-friendly and easy to control.The company has also made strong movements toward the cryptocurrency faithful. The browser already supports ETH and ERC tokens, making it the first web browser with a substantial…

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