Notable Bitcoin Critic Claims Price Likely to Hit $5,000 In Near Future

Although the crypto markets are seeing a bout of volatility that has sent them spiraling downwards today, one notable critic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is now predicting that Bitcoin could hit $5,000 in the near future.The comments came about as the markets are seeing increased weakness after Bitcoin failed to stabilize above $4,000, which means that it is plausible the markets will see further losses before reaching the $5,000 mark.Risk Tolerant Investors Could See Easy Profits on BitcoinThe comments regarding Bitcoin hitting $5,000 came from Jeffrey Gundlach, the CEO of DoubleLine management, who is a notable Bitcoin critic and the manager of more than $200 billion in assets.While speaking to CNBC, Gundlach noted that investors who hold a high tolerance for risk could make easy profits if they are willing to trade Bitcoin. Although this seems positive, it is important to note that he is an outspoken critic…

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