NAGA VIRTUAL: New Opportunities in the Virtual Goods Market

In August 2018, gamers met in Cologne, Germany, for one of the largest gaming events in the industry – Gamescom. The fair hosted a perfect mix of renowned game studios, publishers, gamers and enthusiasts from around the world, all interacting freely with each other. Some of the notable entities participating in the event included the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.The Gamescom event is the ideal place for gaming companies to make announcements about new releases, check out the latest trends in gaming, and get more information about what is hot and what’s not. NAGA VIRTUAL graced this event and was part of the team that showcased their products to the gamers and game developers.During the event, it was quite evident that the industry trend is slowly shifting. Traditionally, game publishers made a majority of their revenue upfront through high sales prices. Nowadays, they are looking to strengthen their revenue…

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