Major Retailers Like Whole Foods Accept Bitcoin, Is This Enough To Convince No-Coiners?

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From today, US customers have the option of paying at 15 major retailers with bitcoin. This is made possible through a partnership with payment provider Flexa, with their SPEDN app, and Gemini exchange. But does this have enough mass appeal to lure no-coiners?The Flexa NetworkFlexa co-founder and CEO, Tyler Spalding launched the company in February 2018, along with Trevor Filter and Zachary Kilgore, who were former colleagues at Raise, the gift card buyback company.Their goal was to develop an industry disrupting payment infrastructure, with a view to improving crypto usability. And having earned the moniker “crypto Stripe,” it’s clear Flexa have made significant inroads in this respect.According to their Medium post, the network is a bespoke design that will cut processing cost, eliminate fraud, and preserve your privacy:“So, instead of bolting cryptocurrency payments on top of debit cards, we took the opposite approach. Over the past year, we’ve built new…

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