Is Litecoin (LTC) Up Because of FOMO? Adds $2.7 Billion in 18 Hours

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Litecoin gains impressive, up 47 percentLosses from CoinBase’s hot wallet insured by a $255 million coverAs one of the most secure exchange, CoinBase is not taking chances. Their chief information security officer now reveals that the exchange’s hot wallet insurance policy covers $255 million just in case of losses. That has been the state since late 2013. In the meantime, Litecoin (LTC) is up 47 percent, and buyers are aiming at $90.Litecoin Price AnalysisFundamentalsCoinBase, the US exchange valued at over $8 billion is unique because it is hacker—proof—no recorded breach since launch. They assure clients that their priority is security “for Your Peace of Mind.” To that end, the team tasked with storing user assets has “98 percent of customer funds in cold wallets.” Additionally, CoinBase “distribute Bitcoin drives and paper backups geographically in safe deposit boxes and vaults around the world.”According to Philip Martin, the chief information security officer…

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