Is Fake Bitcoin Volume a Roadblock For Full-Fledged Crypto Rally?

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Following on from accusations of fake bitcoin trading volume, crypto data specialists Messari are fighting back in a bid to re-establish industry integrity. They have announced the launch of two unique metrics to help crypto investors make better-informed decisions.Furthermore, CoinMarketCap has also sought to reassure users by committing to changes in the way they compile their data.Only 10 Exchanges Have Actual Bitcoin VolumeFake trading volume in the crypto markets is a long-established problem. However, just recently, with the publication of reports by the Blockchain Transparency Institute and Bitwise Asset Management, has the problem become more apparent. Although estimates of fake volume vary from 80% to as much as 95%, neither scenario is conducive to an industry trying to gain mainstream acceptance.Talking to the SEC on Bitwise’s Bitcoin ETF proposal, Teddy Fusaro, COO, and Matt Hougan, Head of Research, covered a discussion on fake volume. Their research on 81 exchanges included…

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