FUD Storm: Mainstream Media Back Bashing Bitcoin the Moment Markets Move

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It only took a day for the Bitcoin bashers to emerge from their caves and start spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt again. After four months of inactivity crypto markets came alive again this week and headed upwards to reach new 2019 highs. This was enough it seems for the mainstream media dogs to start spewing their vitriol on crypto assets once again.FUD Means They’re Paying AttentionWhen markets are on the floor and very little is going on, mainstream media tends to stay quiet. The fact that the ridiculous headlines are emerging again means that they’re paying attention at least and crypto is back in people’s minds. CNBC, which has been previously noted for its completely inaccurate predictions on market movements, was back with a headline claiming that cryptocurrencies will all collapse because one fund manager thinks so. According to Peter Mallouk, president of wealth management firm Creative Planning;“What we’re going…

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