FBI Seeks to Speak with Bitconnect Victims as Part of Investigation

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The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking to speak to those investors burned by what has perhaps become the best known scam in cryptocurrency history, Bitconnect.The word Bitconnect is now synonymous with scams targeting the cryptocurrency community. It was not only one of the more brazen efforts but also one of the most successful, creating many victims after its collapse.Could the End of the Bitconnect Story Finally be in Sight?Bitconnect (BCC) was first launched by an initial coin offering (ICO) in December 2016. The project purported to be part open-source cryptocurrency and part high-yield investment scheme. However, its multi-tiered marketing strategy caused many to call it out early as a Ponzi scheme.The company claimed to generate a massive 40 percent return for its largest investors through its lending platform. Additionally, a unique trading bot would multiply those Bitcoin investments made into Bitconnect – or so it was claimed.In the…

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