Don’t Panic, Bitcoin “Nuking” $6,400 Resistance Is Extremely Bullish

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Over recent hours, Bitcoin (BTC) has begun to slow, with bullish momentum falling off across the board. Yet, some say it may be a bit too early to call for a doomsday-esque scenario, which sees BTC fully retrace its sudden spike higher.Bitcoin Moving Past $6,400When BTC paused at $6,000 just days ago, few thought that the asset was going to be able to surmount $6,400 — a level of utmost importance through 2018, as the cryptocurrency failed to fall below that level for months on end. In fact, it is so essential that it has acted as support on the daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Yet, lo and behold, Bitcoin bulls succeeded, quickly taking control of the wheel to drive BTC past $6,400.Related Reading: Analyst: Bitcoin is Now Firmly in Bull Market Territory, Which Means Traders Should Start Buying DipsAccording to analyst “The Wolf of All Streets”, the fact that…

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