Crypto Traders Lean Bullish After Bitcoin (BTC) Holds $4,800, What’s Next?

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While many mainstream media outlets recently addressed the crypto industry with overt skepticism and seeming misunderstandings, with Gizmodo recently bashing Bitcoin’s power draw, this market has continued to push higher. As of the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is slated to enter its second day of rallying strongly — the asset’s first clearly bullish streak since late-December 2018.And while BTC currently already sits well above key resistance levels at $4,200 and $4,600, currently trading at $5,050 on BitMEX, analysts have kept their heads up high. They are adamant that this uptick isn’t over just yet. Why are they so cheery?Related Reading: From Banks To Funds To Brokers, Everyone Outside of Crypto Is Talking Bitcoin TodayBitcoin Could Have Further To RunTuesday morning was a zany time for crypto’s stakeholders across the board. After a short-term uptrend, BTC suddenly broke past $4,200, knocking down key barriers in rapid succession amid a monumental…

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