Crypto Trader, Tech CEO: This Indicator Could Signal a “Prolonged Bull Market”

The Bitcoin price has been doing rather well of late. The number one digital asset has surged more than 100 percent in 2019 alone and many crypto market analysts are calling for more upside to come.Crypto technical analyst and CEO of tech consultancy firm NodeSource, Joe McCann, is one such voice. He has highlighted that the recent uptrend of the 200 day moving average (DMA) could be an indicator of the start of a “prolonged bull market”. He uses the Bitcoin market’s previous performance versus the 200 DMA to back up his theory.Joe McCann: 200 DMA Reversal has “Massive Implications for a Bull Run”Self-proclaimed “market mercenary” Joe McCann has speculated that the recent moves in the Bitcoin market could be the start of something much bigger. The NodeSource founder and CEO posted a lengthy Twitter thread summarising the potential implications of Bitcoin’s 200 DMA starting to trend upwards recently.1/ May…

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