Crypto Tidbits: Possible Japan Bitcoin ETF, Ripple Achieves Milestone, Ethereum Classic Attack

Although the Bitcoin price stumbled, fundamental developments for the crypto industry’s facets remained strong during the second week of 2019. New York opened a so-called “Blockchain Center,” purportedly funded by Microsoft, Ripple achieved a key milestone, and Bloomberg claims that Japanese regulators may green light a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the future.Crypto TidbitsNew York Opens Blockchain Center: In an evident pro-crypto move, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit focused on bolstering the Big Apple’s economy, and an array of partners have launched the so-called “Blockchain Center.” This 4,000 square foot center, which will be located in the metropolis’ iconic Flatiron District, will give everyone from coders, blockchain engineers, to common Joes a chance to learn about ledger technologies and crypto— for a currently unstipulated membership fee. The Blockchain Center has been funded in part by the municipal government and by an unnamed set of corporate partners…

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