Crypto Markets See Record Day As Bitcoin Crosses $8,300: What Does This Imply?

Bears have seemingly thrown in the towel. In the past six weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) has rallied by nearly 100%, moving from $4,200 to $8,300, as of the time of writing this. And while some have been stating that this move seems entirely artificial, caused a result of “fake” and “manipulated” trading activity, data indicates that money truly is flooding into crypto assets.Related Reading: Bitcoin Bulls Are Back: 40 Days of Uptrend Erases Nearly 8 Months of Bear MarketIf this is true, it may corroborate the theories that the brutal bear market of 2018 is, believe it or not, finally over.Bitcoin Volume Booms Across The BoardCall it a Consensus pump, a dead cat bounce, or a full-on recovery, but Bitcoin is back. Bitcoin is back not wounded, but stronger than ever. That’s what the statistics tell us anyway.In a move somewhat uncharacteristic of the cryptocurrency market, BTC rallied well into last…

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