Crypto Fund: “Antifragile” Bitcoin Profits From Chaos

It’s no secret that Bitcoin (BTC) is susceptible to ad hominem attacks from those who want to see it fail. Case in point, over the asset’s history — relatively minuscule in the grand scheme of things — has been lambasted time and time again by mainstream media, traditionalistic CEOs and regulators, and zealous cynics. And while attacks of similar caliber in different industries have killed traditional assets, the crypto world isn’t susceptible to those same rules, claims an industry research group.Related Reading: Why Does Mainstream Media Spread So Much Crypto FUD?Every Time Bitcoin “Dies,” It Becomes Harder To KillBitcoin, in all its antifragile nature, profits from chaos, claimed ByteSize Capital in a recent Twitter thread into the asset’s underlying nature. The research consortium and private fund claimed that BTC is the world’s first asset that benefits from naysayers, due to the theory of antifragility, defined as a property in systems…

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