Crypto CEO: Current Bitcoin Industry Resembles 2016, Prior To BTC’s $20,000 Rally

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Thousands in the broader crypto industry turned bullish on Tuesday morning as Bitcoin (BTC) rapidly surmounted $5,000, in what some have called a “black swan event” — an occurrence that is unpredictable but has dramatic ramifications on its surroundings.While technicals were the primary driver behind this move, all eyes remain on fundamentals, as this facet of the ecosystem is what will bring BTC to new heights, not an incessant onslaught of lines on charts. Interestingly, according to a number of well-versed industry executives, the fundamental side of cryptocurrency is decidedly strong, setting the stage for a further bullish assault.Bitcoin Fundamentals Still StrongIn mid-December, just as BTC collapsed under $3,300, Ryan Selkis, the chief executive of Messari, took to Bloomberg TV to talk about Bitcoin’s long-term prospects. As the market was in the midst of stomaching a nearly 50% drop — which went down in a month no less — the…

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