Crypterium to Allow Its Users to Shop on eBay, Refill PayPal and Bank Accounts With Cryptocurrencies

In recent months, reports have emerged stating that PayPal, the leading online payments provider may be making a move in favor of cryptocurrencies. This has been echoed by PayPal’s previous business companion eBay. Yet, there seems to be an alternative in the market. Blockchain-based startup Crypterium led by former Visa UK CEO Marc O’Brien enables its users to send crypto directly to bank accounts. Crypto users can now top up their PayPal account or send a payment to their bank account, as well as shop with Bitcoin wherever bank transfers are accepted as a payment method.Despite Bitcoin and other virtual currencies being billed as currencies, they are still perceived more as investment assets, and accepted by a very limited number of outlets. A blockchain-based startup, Crypterium changes that by enabling its users to transfer crypto directly to bank accounts opening the door to many new use cases. Wherever IBAN bank…

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