CivicKey CEO on Bitcoin Price: “Good Chance We’re Going to Retest $3,000”

The co-founder of blockchain-based identity management platform CivicKey has weighed in about the current state of the cryptocurrency markets. Amongst other things, Vinny Lingham stated that he feels the Bitcoin price will retest the $3,000 level in the near future.The South American internet entrepreneur also explained how his own startup had managed to weather the dramatic plunge in cryptocurrency prices better than many of its peers.Moving to Cash Helped Civic Stay Afloat Despite Falling Bitcoin PriceIn an interview with financial news streaming network Cheddar, Vinny Lingham has spoken about his short-term outlook for the Bitcoin price. The CEO and co-founder of the blockchain identity protection firm CivicKey told presenters that a $3,000 was to be expected in the coming weeks. He went on to state that this level was also likely to break to the downside:“I think there is a good chance we’re going to retest $3,000 as a low.…

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