Circle CEO: Crypto Will Have a Bigger Impact than the Web

The latest crypto firm to hold its own AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session on Reddit is Goldman Sachs-backed Circle. The CEO and other members of the peer-to-peer payments company took questions from the community earlier today.Whilst largely a PR piece for the firm to lament its successes of 2018, some interesting developments at Circle were hinted at during the session. CEO, Jeremy Allaire, also stated that he fully expects crypto to have a greater impact on the humanity than the invention of the internet.Circle: Bullish on the Future of Crypto and Bitcoin’s Continued Global Rise in ImportanceThe AMA session began with an introduction in which the Circle representatives taking part stated the firm’s 2018 achievements. It first acknowledged the launch of Circle Invest – a platform aimed at making investing in digital assets as easy as possible for inexperienced users. It then mentioned the CENTRE Consortium and its launch of…

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