China Gets More Blockchain Censorship Powers Under New Rules

China’s crypto angst has shown no sign of abating as we enter a new year. Another raft of restrictive regulations has just been implemented for blockchain companies in the People’s Republic.Data Privacy Not Applicable in ChinaThe Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has just introduced more regulations for companies dealing with distributed ledger technology. According to the official announcement the new guidelines will come into effect on February 15.In the typically draconian way the Chinese government operates, the new regulations demand that startups allow the state to access stored data. It also allows the regime to censor what it deems to be sensitive content under China’s wide sweeping censorship laws. The rules also demand that companies hand over personal details of their users including identification records and phone numbers.The regulations will apply to websites and mobile apps in China that provide blockchain services or technical support to the public. When implemented…

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