Can the Bitcoin Lightning Network Revolutionise Online Publishing?

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Although the Lightning Network is most often touted as a way to reduce transaction burden on the main Bitcoin blockchain, various other use cases are becoming apparent as more people experiment with it.One of the most potentially revolutionary is the ability to make incredibly small payments for online content. This could have a massive impact on the way content creators monetise their work and, if the largest names in publishing get on board, could be massive for Bitcoin adoption generally.Is Lightning Network Poised to Strike Online Publishing?It is no secret that the internet has had a detrimental effect on the quality of journalism. Where advertising revenue is king, sensationalism pays the bills. Some once-highly-respected publications have tried to avoid the temptation to rely too heavily on such “click-bait” tactics by using subscription services.Lightning Network could provide a massive opportunity for online publishing.However, the problem with these membership schemes is that…

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