Bitcoin Whales Awaken: What Does This Mean for BTC Price?

The number of long-dormant Bitcoin wallets becoming active once again is rising according to a crypto research group. According to those compiling the data, this could pave the way for large price moves.Other times during Bitcoin’s history where a large percentage or long-dormant wallets have “awakened” have corresponded with dramatic moves to the upside. However, since many of the wallets identified in the research hold massive amounts of Bitcoin, their owners could just as likely be preparing to sell.Will Bitcoin’s Long-Term Whales Buy or Sell?According to a report in Bloomberg citing analysis performed by the digital asset research group Flipside Crypto, many Bitcoin wallets that have long been inactive have reawakened. Based on past experience, this could mean that even greater price volatility could be on the way for the digital asset space.Flipside Crypto claim that a sizeable number of Bitcoin holders who had not accessed their wallets for a…

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