Bitcoin Price Surged More In 1 Hour Than Last Two Months Combined

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Bitcoin is no stranger to powerful price movements, at times growing or declining in value by 20% to 50% intraday. As the bear market raged on, however, there has been a distinct lack of large green candles representing substantial Bitcoin price increases.But that all changed this week when Bitcoin rallied, pushing the price of the leading crypto by market cap through resistance at $4,200 to over $5,000, setting the first higher high since its parabolic advance was broken back in December 2017. The violent rally took Bitcoin price higher in value in just one hour, than the prior two months of uptrend combined.Bitcoin’s April Rally Makes Fool of February and March UptrendPrior to the current uptrend that began in early February, Bitcoin had closed a record six consecutive monthly red candles in a row. When both February and March closed in green, bulls rejoiced. However, the most recent Bitcoin rally…

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