Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Losses Coincide with China’s New Policies

Bitcoin Price slow down after sinking 10 percentChina introduces new privacy quashing blockchain rulesTrading volumes steady but bearishEven though today’s losses are low, there is hope for traders as long as Bitcoin prices are oscillating above $3,700. Drops below this minor support line could trigger sells towards $3,220 or lower in the next few days.Bitcoin Price AnalysisAt spot prices, Bitcoin is down 3.8 percent in the past 24 hours but stable in the last hour. The coin is flat and trading within a tight trade range contrary to yesterday’s rapidity.From candlestick arrangement, we expect prices to cool down and even expand towards $4,000 before bears wash down gains in the direction of Jan 10 losses while reaffirming bear trend continuation as spelled by the price action of mid-November and early Dec 2018. Our short-term bullish trend is valid and until after there is a clean break and close below $3,700,…

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