Bitcoin (BTC) up $40.8 Percent at 10-month Highs, Peaks?

Bitcoin Daily Chart May 14

Bitcoin (BTC) surge 40.8 percentAfter Bill and Warren, Kevin now says Bitcoin is uselessKevin O’Leary, the millionaire Shark Tank Host says Bitcoin is a useless currency with no use. Nonetheless, Bitcoin is a platform that is already disrupting traditional setups. After tomorrow, Bitcoin (BTC) could surge above $8,500.Bitcoin Price AnalysisFundamentalsIt’s a sea of green and spearheading this recovery is the king, Bitcoin. After retesting a 10-month high of $8,335, price is up 40.8 percent from last week’s close but stable in the previous day, adding a measly 43.9 percent.However, it is not about price anymore, it is what’s at stake, and the level of interest the world’s most valuable asset is drawing. Although supporters and critics agree that Bitcoin, despite blurry regulation in some jurisdiction is a worthy investment with the underpinning technology revolutionary, others are Kevin O’Leary insists that Bitcoin is “garbage.”The Canadian millionaire and the founder of the…

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