Bitcoin at the Races: Overall Market Cap of #1 Crypto Swells by Billions

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the Bitcoin price recently, the number one crypto asset is having an epic change of fortunes this year compared with 2018. After already surging more than 100 percent since its December 2018 low point, more than 10 billion dollars have been invested into Bitcoin in the last 24 hours alone.There appears to be something of a perfect storm occurring in the Bitcoin market, with enough time since the epic crash of 2018 passing for positive news events to finally drive prices. But, is such a parabolic move to the upside healthy and sustainable?Bitcoin Up Over $2,500 in Just One MonthErratic as ever, the Bitcoin price continues to surge upwards. After a spectacular April and start of May, many market analysts had called for a reasonably large pullback. However, the Bitcoin price isn’t done pumping just yet.The current Bitcoin price rally seems to…

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