Analyst: Strong Possibility Bitcoin Runs Past $8,000 Before a Significant Correction Takes Place

Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto markets have been on an explosive upwards surge over the past several weeks, with BTC surging to fresh year-to-date highs while many altcoins catch the tailwinds of its upwards momentum.Although many traders are closely watching for another pullback before entering into fresh long positions, one prominent analyst believes that BTC may surge to over $8,000 in the near-future before incurring any significant pullback that constitutes a correction.Bitcoin Rapidly Approaching $8,000 as Upwards Momentum ContinuesAt the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up over 12% at its current price of $7,800, up significantly from its daily lows of $6,900 which were set yesterday after Bitcoin dropped due to facing increased selling pressure around $7,500.Although yesterday’s drop to below $7,000 led many traders to believe that the cryptocurrency’s upwards momentum was in jeopardy, the drop acted as fuel that allowed the crypto markets to continue surging to…

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