Altcoin Trader: Alt Bitcoin Bear Cycle Almost Over, 600% Gains During Bull Cycle Expected

While Bitcoin has the entire crypto world watching in shock and awe as the seemingly unstoppable rally continues, its crypto cousins in the altcoin market have only further dropped relative to their BTC ratio.However, according to previous altcoin/BTC bear cycles, an end to the carnage may be in sight. And once the bearish momentum eases up, the following uptrend has brought investors over 600% gains once altcoins join Bitcoin in a bull run.Altcoin Bear Cycle Coming to a Close as Drawdown Nears PeakDue to Bitcoin being paired with altcoins on most exchanges, the two crypto asset types have a closely tied relationship between one another, however, the relationship between altcoins and their big brother Bitcoin is a confusing one. At times, they rise and fall in a completely correlated way, while other times they appear to grow or decline inverse from one another.As soon as Bitcoin broke through resistance at…

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