4 Utility Tokens Deserving of Your Due Diligence as the ICO Craze Tapers Out

A quick glance on CoinMarketCap shows that there are 2,169 coins and tokens in the market. For new traders and investors, the paradox of choice might make it somewhat difficult to know which coins or tokens deserve a place in your portfolio. Most people tend to follow the crowd to invest in ICOs based on headlines, influencer reports, and their “feelings”.The problem with following the crowd is that you could end up buying the coins with the largest marketing budgets without delving too much into their underlying value (if any). Many of the 2,169 coins in the market are variants of the same coin, offering similar features to the same target audience with the only differentiating features being their branding.One simple way to avoid the herd mentality as a cryptocurrency trader/investor is to look for utility tokens with unique value propositions. This piece covers 4 lesser-known but uniquely positioned utility…

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