The Struggles and Successes of Introducing Crypto to the Unbanked: A Social Experiment in Colombia

How cryptocurrency can help the unbanked has been a hot topic over the past 12 months. It is a laudable goal, but one that it is by no means easy to accomplish. One tech enthusiast and stablecoin startup employee, Steven Gilbert, experienced the struggles – and successes – of attempting to do so when he went to one of the poorest neighborhoods in Bogota, Colombia to encourage adoption. A Crypto Social Experiment Inspired by a hurricane relief project in Puerto Rico he took part in, Steven Gilbert wanted to do something else charitable but this time related to one of his passions – cryptocurrency. Living in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota, the 30-year-old decided to help the needy in a poor, generally out of bounds area in the south of the city. There, he wanted to introduce the benefits of cryptocurrency to people who didn’t have bank accounts as part…

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