The Most Controversial Bitcoin Forks Yet Are Coming

Bitcoin forks are invariably contentious, but the latest batch could be the most controversial yet. Bitcoin Prime and Anonymous Bitcoin have been labeled as shameless cash grabs that are little more than pump and dumps orchestrated by opportunistic developers. The projects’ architects of these schemes, naturally, have hit back. New Forks Fuel a Furore Rhett Creighton has always been a polarizing figure, but his latest stunt has united a swathe of the cryptocurrency community in condemnation. EOS’ Dan Larimer is synonymous with jumping from project to project, but his flitting looks like a lifetime of faithful service compared to Rhett’s itchy feet. Having announced a dual fork of bitcoin and zclassic last December, which inflated the price of ZCL and enriched Rhett and his cronies no end, he’s now following suit with bitcoin and primecoin to create Bitcoin Prime. Meanwhile, a separate project is doing another fork of zclassic and…

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