Taking the New On-Chain BCH-Powered Social App Blockpress for a Test Flight

On May 2, a new on-chain social media platform for the Bitcoin Cash network was announced called ‘Blockpress.’ According to the Blockpress development team the platform has been under construction for months, and they are pleased to finally release the initial version to the public. Another On-Chain Social Media Platform Called Blockpress Launches on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain After the past few weeks with everyone talking about the on-chain social media application Memo, another similar platform has been introduced to the bitcoin cash community. On Wednesday, May 2, a developer announced the launch of BCH-powered social media service called Blockpress. The social media application Blockpress, much like Memo, performs every action using a bitcoin cash transaction. However, Blockpress is far richer, as far as the graphic interface is concerned, as the application resembles the look of a Twitter profile page. Blockpress allows users to add their name, set an avatar,…

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