Previously Inactive Whales Are Moving Large Amounts of BTC

Earlier this week, armchair sleuths began pointing out that large amounts of cryptocurrency from long-dormant addresses have been on the move. For instance, one wallet that’s been inactive since its inception in 2013 moved 66,452 BTC — worth around $245 million — to an unknown address. Hours later, a few more addresses from the top 20 rich list moved another $728 million worth of BTC. More Than $1.5B Moved From Dormant BTC Wallets Cryptocurrency markets have been dreadfully bearish lately and have lost considerable value. Some people have blamed whales, as those who hold large quantities of digital assets are known, for dumping coins on markets to scare people enough to panic sell, so they can then scoop up more at cheaper rates. Traditionally, during such bearish times, bitcoin enthusiasts have concocted all kinds of crazy theories about these massive holders. But it doesn’t help when big whales actually start…

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