J-Pop Star GACKT Caught Between Crypto Company Spindle and Minister’s Gaffe

Spindle, Japan’s largest ICO officially promoted by a J-Pop star, Gakuto Oshiro, (45) better known by his stage name GACKT, was the unnamed crypto company allegedly slammed by the FSA earlier this year, a weekly Japanese magazine revealed. The company, which began dealing its own cryptocurrency, “Spindles,” aka “GACKT Coins,” in October 2017, received administrative guidance from the FSA in February 2018 not to continue selling cryptocurrencies. GACKT Says He Started Getting Involved With Crypto Early Last Year Weekly Flash revealed a photo of the Japanese androgynous artist GACKT (45), and Seiko Noda, the current Japanese Minister of Internal Affairs, taken in March 2013 together with Sanae Takaichi, the then Minister of Public Affairs and Communications. Seiko Noda served as the Chairman of General Affairs and Takaichi as Chairman of their political party at the time. The two had their offices at the 6th floor of Japan’s LDP (Liberal Democratic…

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