Z-Cash and Bolt Join Hands for Stronger Privacy

Z-cash is working to ensure the public can garner access to anonymous cryptocurrency.Protecting Yourself in a Digital AgeWe have entered an age where everyone is afraid. The online and digital payments world presents several daily threats, including malware, cyberattacks and hackings. People are concerned about both their finances and their identities, and fearfully hope that neither is ever stolen out from under them.This is no way to live, which is why many have taken extreme measures to protect themselves. Whenever you pay by credit card, for example, the transaction is recorded digitally and thus keeps track of what you’ve purchased, where you’ve been, and what you’re up to. This is information that many people feel should be kept private. Thus, they’ve turned to anonymous crypto to get the job done.Crypto – anonymous or not – has encountered issues regarding how well it can be used as a payment method. Many…

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