XRP Is Continuing to Anger Crypto Traders

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Bitcoin made news this morning when it shot up over $10,000 again for the first time in well over a week, but how are altcoins like Ripple’s XRP doing? XRP Is Heading Into Oblivion Bitcoin, at press time has moved past $10,700. This is the highest it’s been in several weeks, and many believe the spike has something to do with the VanEck Solid X Bitcoin Trust, which according to recent reports, is about ready to start releasing shares to institutional players. This has been a long-time coming; the trust has experienced delay after delay, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has appeared practically frightened of making any decision regarding the trust. After a lengthy period of inactivity, it seems that the trust is finally here and ready to get moving. At the same time, XRP – the official cryptocurrency of Ripple – hasn’t managed to do anything similar.…

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