Will the End of 2019 Mark a Big Change for Bitcoin?

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So, what’s going to happen with bitcoin over the next week? Bitcoin: as Unpredictable as Ever The following seven days will mark the final full week of October. From there, we’ll be heading into November, which as we all remember, marked a rather rough time for crypto and all its fans late last year. The month marked the controversial bitcoin cash hard fork that ultimately gave birth to bitcoin SV, a currency endorsed by Australian bitcoin developer Craig Wright. Following the hard fork, bitcoin saw its price drop from the $6,000 range – where it had been hanging for most of the summer – to the mid-$3,000 range. It was an ugly sight, and the currency stayed there for approximately five months, refusing to show any sign of recovery until April of the following year. Now, we’re right around the corner from November 2019, so many of us are wondering,…

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