What One Experts Things of Blockchain Transaction Fees

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Do you hate transaction fees? If you’re like everyone else, you probably do. Transaction fees are part of the financial process. When you transfer money to secondary hands, there’s a third party or financial services company that must verify the transaction and do the moving. They garner fees for their services and ensure everything occurs normally. Transaction Fees Are Causing Serious Issues Transaction fees on the blockchain, however, are an ugly addition to what should have been a completely decentralized system in which the transacting parties held all the control. However, as things like the bitcoin blockchain have aged, they have gotten slower. It can now take several days, in certain occasions, for transactions to be added to the bitcoin ledger, and transaction fees exist as a means of pushing transactions harder to ensure they are recorded faster. Maureen O’Hara, a professor economics, explains that there’s both a good side…

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