Two Analysts Claim Bitcoin Network Could Still Shatter

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At press time, bitcoin has jumped beyond $8,600, meaning the currency has incurred a $500 spike in the last 24 hours. Naturally, everything is looking good for the currency right about now, but would it be possible for bitcoin to still wind up in the gutter, and if so, when? Could Bitcoin Fall Into a Dismal State? According to MIT’s Cory Fields and former Block Stream CTO Greg Maxwell, bitcoin is still something of an “experiment.” They acknowledge that it’s been around for roughly ten years and are impressed by how long it’s lasted, but they also say that it’s very much a “baby” when compared with other financial tools available to American investors, and believe the currency isn’t as strong as some might claim. As it would seem, 51 percent attacks are a major fear among most crypto traders. These attacks occur when a company controls more than half…

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