Tim Draper Stretches His Bitcoin Price Prediction By a Few Months

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The name “Tim Draper” is likely known to most cryptocurrency enthusiasts at this stage. As one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers, the man built a name for himself in the digital currency arena by serving as one of crypto’s earliest adopters. He has not only made predictions on its price, but has seemingly purchased crypto when, to an extent, nobody else wanted it. Tim Draper Is Changing His Prediction a Bit We’re talking, of course, about when Draper first purchased all the illicit bitcoins garnered by Ross Ulbricht, the notorious developer of the Silk Road dark web platform. When Ulbricht was first caught and imprisoned, the bitcoin stash he had been accumulating for several years was ultimately auctioned off by police authorities. The auctions occurred in three separate rounds, and Draper was the man to dominate the first, purchasing more than $40,000 worth of the cryptocurrency. No doubt…

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