The Bearish Trends That Continue to Strike Bitcoin

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At press time, bitcoin – the granddaddy of all crypto – is once again down for the count. Bitcoin Is, Once Again, Free Falling Yesterday, the currency gave enthusiasts a little bit of hope after it rose to nearly $10,500 during the late afternoon hours. Previously, the currency had been falling by as much as $500 per day for the past several days, leaving many looking for answers. Just last week, the currency was trading at a solid $11,700, but later fell to about $11,300. It stayed here for a few days before falling to $10,900, then $10,500 and finally stopping at around $10,050. Many were concerned that the cryptocurrency would re-enter $9,000 territory, though the asset proved its strength yet again by regaining enough footage just in time. It later rose to $10,300 during yesterday’s early morning hours, before experiencing another quick gain to place it in the mid-$10,000…

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