Ted Leonsis: the Economy is “Shadowy” Thanks to BTC

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Billionaire Ted Leonsis has made a real name for himself when it comes to sports and gambling. Recently, the mogul took a case to the Supreme Court that resulted in the U.S. relaxing some of its gambling laws. This led to less money flowing into illegal operations and more into legitimate gambling platforms. Leonsis: Confused About Crypto? No doubt Leonsis has done wonders for the gambling sector, but he seems to suffer from a viewpoint that many in his position are unable to shake. As we all know, bitcoin and cryptocurrency has opened up several doors to new kinds of online gambling, and while this been very good for the industry in a lot of ways, Leonsis is choosing primarily to associate crypto with the dark web, and unfortunately, he’s not the only one. The dark web paves the way for criminal activity in the crypto community. Those looking to…

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