Study: Reddit Is a Platform for False Crypto Data

A new study has emerged monitoring cryptocurrency information that spreads through subreddits. The study examines how incorrect information is displayed as fact, and how this data can potentially impact the prices of various cryptocurrencies.Reddit Is a Haven for False InfoOne of the authors, Svitlana Volkova, presented her findings at this year’s Web Conference in San Francisco, California. She comments:Cryptocurrency is a very good proxy program for disinformation.The study, arguably, has its roots in the same ideas presented by U.S. President Donald Trump, who repeatedly says that information from both social and mainstream media platforms is fake. It appears many writers and news platforms are only publishing what they want their readers to think and hear, but there isn’t necessarily truth to what’s being said.This is dangerous in the sense that it misleads people. It leads them to believe the wrong data and can push negativity in the futures of various…

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