So, Why Is Bitcoin Spiking, Exactly?

Bitcoin is surging greatly, and many analysts are struggling to figure out why.Pushing the Currency Further and FurtherBitcoin has been working tirelessly since early 2018. The currency fell from its all-time high of nearly $20,000 in January of last year and has since witnessed roughly 15 months of either little or no gains. Though there have been a few spurts here and there, bitcoin has mostly remained in the red, officially dropping down to $3,500 in November following a controversial bitcoin cash hard fork.However, in April of 2019, the currency began swelling like it did in 2017. Nobody really seems to know why, but many standard, everyday traders don’t seem to care. They figure so long as bitcoin continues to rise, they’re in for a solid moneymaking game. The currency rose to $5,000 during the first week of last April, but has since shot up by an additional $3,000, and…

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