Rybkin Sentencing: More Proof That Criminals Like BTC

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The following is proof that work hours should be devoted to work. Andrei Rybkin, a former Russian nuclear scientist, has been sentenced to three years in prison for mining bitcoin utilizing a plant’s computing power. Rybkin: Heading to Jail Aside from serving time behind bars, Rybkin will have to pay a fee of more than $3,000 (about 200,000 rubles) to court authorities. Sentenced on Thursday, Rybkin is one of three people that were potentially involved in an illegal mining network that extracted new bitcoins during the night hours at the Russian plant. The other two allegedly involved were Andrei Shatokhin and Denis Baykov. Both have received suspended, four-year sentences and are also required to pay penalty fees. All three have been accused of gaining illegal access to the plant’s network and for “propagating viruses.” Law enforcement claims that the operation could have caused private or sensitive information to leak. Mining…

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