Ripple’s XRP: A “Good” Coin That Could Be Better?

At press time, XRP – the official cryptocurrency of Ripple – is trading for just shy of 37 cents. At one time, Ripple’s total market cap was higher than Ethereum’s, but it’s still only the “second best” cryptocurrency, according to the Weiss ratings.Ripple Lands in Second PlaceThe program has studied over 120 different cryptocurrencies and considers EOS to be the top-ranking coin. Ripple’s XRP has fallen into second place, while bitcoin is only in third place despite spiking over $5,000 in recent days.What’s the twist? All three cryptocurrencies share a “high ranking score” of B-. In school, a B- was considered less than stellar. It signified that one’s work was above average, but just barely. A B- was nothing to be ashamed of, but it wasn’t anything to be proud of either.Interestingly, the system seems to be fond of cryptocurrencies and their backing technology. In a statement, Weiss exclaims:Leading cryptocurrencies…

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