Ripple Opens New Office in the Heart of the U.S.

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Ripple sees itself as so much more than a currency. That much is obvious, but the company is now making waves in the regulatory space. Ripple Is Heading Into New Territory Ripple has opened a new office in Washington D.C., making it the only crypto venture to have devoted itself to government affairs according to an official press release. Craig Phillips, the former counselor to the secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department, is also joining Ripple’s board of directors alongside Michelle Bond, which will serve as Ripple’s new global head of government relations. In a recent interview, Bond expressed why it’s so important that cryptocurrency companies try to “get along” with government regulators, claiming that this is the best way for the industry to stay alive. She explains: Blockchain and digital assets are going to have a global impact when it comes to payments, but they’re still relatively new and…

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