RIFT-Protocol Is the Future of On-Chain Data Storage

Rift v9 800x600

The blockchain is a distributed ledger, meaning that everyone running a node in the network has this ledger stored on his local machine. This ledger contains all transactions that have been validated and added into a block. A transaction basically contains the information about who sent what to whom under which conditions. Storing information on the blockchain means storing information that is accessible to everyone. Cloud storage has been the go-to system previously but it has its setbacks, namely: Syncing expenses– The cloud’s pay-as-you-go model can turn out to be expensive if calculations are made in the long run despite the flexibility and lower hardware costs. Constant syncing of all users and their devices to the cloud can also lead to increased bandwidth overhead. Configuration complexities– Switching between cloud platforms can lead to configuration complexities, additional costs, and downtime. Compromises made during the migration process can lead to security and…

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