New Apple Credit Card Disallows Crypto Purchases

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Apple Inc. has announced plans for a new credit card it’s looking to introduce next month. What’s the big catch? Users will not be able to purchase bitcoin or cryptocurrencies with the card should they hold interest in digital assets. Apple Is Getting in the Way of Customers and Crypto To that, many enthusiasts have a common question on their minds. “Hey Apple… Jealous, much?” One must wonder if the move is potentially inspired by Apple’s fear of competition. The company has shown interest in cryptocurrencies in the past. In fact, one source suggests that part of the reason bitcoin and other digital currencies have rallied so much this year is because mega-tech companies like Apple and Facebook have shown such interest in them. Now, the I-phone conglomerate wants to take away people’s chances of cashing in on the crypto craze and potentially adding more diversity to their investment portfolios.…

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