Mike Novogratz: Bitcoin Is Like the Beyond Meat Boom

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How is bitcoin measuring up lately? How Is Bitcoin Doing, and How Will It Continue to Do? Despite a few price drops over the past two weeks, the currency, by comparison to where it stood just a year ago, is doing extremely well. The asset began its meteoric rise in April of this year, spiking well beyond the $5,000 point during that month and continuing its jumps into higher territory ever since. However, when something becomes really rock solid like that, many members of the public may feel a little too inclined to get involved. This is exactly what former hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz says is happening with bitcoin. In a recent interview, Novogratz compared bitcoin to the “Beyond Meat” hype that occurred roughly two months ago. The company – which sought to reduce the amount of meat consumption in America by introducing users to plant-based substitutes such as…

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